Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome to the Great Knuth Read

The Art of Computer Programming is a multi-part monograph written by Donald Knuth, which describes a range of computer algorithms. It is considered the most important collection of books in the field of computer sceince, and the most comprehensive treatment of algorithms. So far, three complete volumes have been released;

  • Volume 1 - Fundamental Algorithms (1968)
  • Volume 2 - Seminumerical Algorithms (1969)
  • Volume 3 - Sorting and Searching (1973)

Forthcoming volumes will include;

  • Volume 4 - Combinatorial Algorithms
  • Volume 5 - Syntactic Algorithms
  • Volume 6 - Theory of Context-Free Languages
  • Volume 7 - Compiler Techniques

Sections (or fascicles) of Volume 4 are currently being released for beta testing. For more information pop over to Knuth's website;

This blog will document my reading of these mongraphs, think of this blog as a piece of preformance art, building up slowly into something that will hopefully be both interesting and unexpected.

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